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How To Unlock A LG Phone? Step-by-step Guide

We could not be able to enter our LG phones and use them normally for a variety of reasons. It’s possible that the previous owner of the phone you purchased neglected to unlock the screen for you.

It’s also possible that you forget the passcode for your LG phone because so many passwords and passcodes are used elsewhere. Being locked out is an issue no matter what the cause is for not being able to access the passcode on your LG phone. Your inability to access the info on your phone could prove to be a significant obstacle.

The following alternatives can be of great assistance to you if you find yourself in a scenario where you need to know How to unlock a lg phone without knowing the password normally.

How to unlock a lg phone without knowing the password
How to unlock a lg phone without knowing the password

Method 1: For Unlocking An LG Phone If You Forgot The Password Without Losing Data

Using Android Unlock Tool is one of the best and most efficient ways to break phone passwords without losing data. This expert app makes it simple to unlock an Android device using a pattern or password. Any lock screen, including PIN, Pattern, Password, Face Lock, and others, can be removed with this tool. The tool is practical and efficient because it merely unlocks your LG phone and leaves no personal information behind.

Other smartphones including Samsung, Sony, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, Nokia, and many more are also compatible with it. This program is fantastic since it can free of charge unlock an Android phone’s password without a factory reset.

So without further ado, I advise you to download the Android Unlock tool and unlock your LG phone if you’ve forgotten your PIN, pattern, or password.

Method 2: Unlock LG Phone Using Android Device Manager if You Forgot Your Password or Pattern

Using Android Device Manager is another excellent method for removing the password from an LG phone without erasing any data. Although it requires a Google account, this method of unlocking the phone is very practical. This facilitates remote phone location, erasure, ringing, and lock changing. Only that your phone be connected to a Google account is necessary.

Now, adhere to these instructions to use Android Device Manager to unlock an LG phone that has forgotten its password:

  • First, sign in to ADM using your Google account information.

Android Device Manager:


  • Now choose the icon on the device to get several features like lock, ring, erase, and others. You need to select the “lock” option to change the security lock on the phone

  • Here you will get a popup where you have to enter a new password for your phone, confirm it and then tap on the “lock” option to save the changes.

Your phone will now reset itself, allowing you to access it as before without losing any of your data.

Method 3: Use Google Login To Unlock LG Phone Password (Available Only For Android 4.4 And Below)

Although very few people today still use an older version of Android (4.4 or lower), this solution is still useful for them. Users of LG phones running version 4.4 or lower should follow the instructions below to unlock their phone’s password without losing any data.

Keep in mind that lost passwords will no longer be an issue when using Google login. Utilizing the “Forgot PIN on LG phone” problem, you may reset it.

  • You must first type the incorrect password incorrectly five times before the “forgot password” option appears on the phone screen. To continue, select that choice and tap it.

  • Remember to sync your Google account with your phone. Here you have to select “enter Google account details” and then click on the “Next” option

  • Now you need to enter your Google account and password.

  • If the account matches on your LG phone then the password will be reset immediately and you can easily unlock LG phone password without losing data.

Method 4: Using ADB, bypass the password or pattern lock on an LG phone (Android Debug Bridge)

The ADB approach requires USB debugging to be enabled on phones or tablets, but it’s still a helpful way to unlock an Android phone’s password, pattern, or pin. Additionally, it requires that you have trusted and authorized this machine.

The worst part is that it might not function on phones with encryption. If you’re lucky, the steps listed below will enable you to unlock your LG phone without a password.

  • Initially, use USB to connect your Android device to a computer.
    Open the command prompt by going to the PC’s ADB installation location.
  • Here type command and press enter: adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key

  • Next, restart your device and the lock phone will easily get unlocked but remember it’s a temporary one
  • Now you can set a new lock (PIN, Password, Pattern) before your phone restarts. Do it quickly because your phone might get locked again

Method 5: Use Custom Recovery to Unlock LG Phone with Forgotten Password (SD Card Required)

On your LG phone, do you use an external SD card?

If so, this will enable you to unlock your phone’s pattern or password. However, your phone must have custom recovery installed. Here, I’ll advise you to flash TWRP on your device (

The identical procedure must be followed when utilizing an SD card. Once you have gathered all necessary materials, follow the instructions below to use the custom recovery technique to unlock your LG phone.

  • The Pattern Password Disable application must first be downloaded, then the ZIP file must be saved on your computer. Then, copy a recently downloaded file to the SD card and insert it into the computer.
  • Now reboot your device in recovery mode. For example, TWRP recovery mode is switched on by pressing Power + Home + Volume Up Once you enter custom recovery mode, you will get several options. Simply tap on the “Install” option and access the Pattern Password Disable file.

After that, install the application and wait. Your LG phone can simply be unlocked if you restart it right away.

Method 6: Reset the factory settings to unlock a locked LG phone.

A factory reset is the last option I’ll propose you try to unlock your Android phone using a pattern, password, or PIN. Keep in mind that this will function similarly to Recovery mode. Here, you should be aware that this process has the potential to wipe all of your data, so please make a backup of everything.

To factory reset the LG phone, go as follows:

  • Start by shutting off your LG phone to enter recovery mode. Once LG’s logo displays on the screen, hit Power and Volume Down simultaneously. Press the buttons again after a brief delay if you don’t enter recovery mode.
  • Select “Wipe data/factory reset” using the Volume up and down button to access the options. After you choose the “Wipe data/factory reset” option using keys, ‘you will get a popup to delete all user data. Agree to its condition to reset the device.

  • After that, choose “Reboot system now” and your device will restart without any lock screen

Once you’ve completed these steps successfully, you can easily reset the password on an LG phone without erasing any data. See more useful article in this website


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