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How To Use Xbox One Controller On Project 64? 10+ Easy Step

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Preparing to Set Up


1. Switch off your Xbox 360. Remove the Xbox 360’s power cord if it is within connection range if you don’t want your controller to inadvertently connect to the console.

2. Ensure that your controller is wired.

An Xbox 360 controller must have a non-removable cable as its power source in order to be used without an adapter on Project64.

Here, a “plug and charge” cable is not allowed. You’ll need to get a Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver if you wish to use a wireless controller. If so, confirm that Microsoft and not a third-party shop is the receiver.

How to use xbox one controller on project 64

3. Connect your controller to the computer.

The controller’s wire should be able to plug into a USB port on your computer.

Whether you’re using a wireless receiver, plug it into a USB port and check to see if it has a green light. If the receiver’s light doesn’t appear, try a different USB port since the receiver needs to be plugged into a “powered” USB port.

4. Permit the drivers to download completely.

Windows will hunt for and download the necessary software to enable your computer to use the controller as soon as you plug in the controller or receiver. You should receive a notification that your controller is prepared to use after a brief period of time.

For this process to begin, an Internet connection is required.

How to use xbox one controller on project 64

5. Plug in your game console.

If you’re using a wired controller, omit this step. After pushing and holding the Guide button, which is the Xbox logo in the middle of the controller, turn on the controller by pressing and holding it. Finally, hit the “Connect” button on the front of the controller.

Your controller is linked to the computer when the Guide button on the controller stops flashing.

Setting up the Controller

1. Launch Project64

Double-click the Project64 program icon, which looks like a small red “64” icon next to a stylized green “PJ.”

2. Select Options

The window’s top has this tab. There will be a drop-down menu.

How to use xbox one controller on project 64

3. Select Controller Plugin Configuration.

The drop-down menu’s bottom is where you’ll find it. The controller settings window is displayed as a result.

4. Search for the image of a controller.

Your controller should be visible on Project64 if you see a sizable image of one in the middle of the page; if not, try restarting Project64.

Restart your machine and try to connect again if Project64 needs to be restarted.

5. Alter the control layout.

Click the action’s name to the left of the keyboard button, then press the controller button you wish to use for that action. This will map the action to a different button on the controller.

6. Save the controller settings.

At the top of the window, select Save Profile. Type a name for the setting and select Save. Reopening the Configure Controller Plugin… menu, selecting Load Profile, and double-clicking the stored settings file will allow you to load the previously saved settings.

It’s beneficial to record the name of the game you wish to utilize the controller’s particular controls on as part of your controller’s profile.

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